The End of SuperVegan as We Know It

sv_ad_eatandgossip_150x300This is the last blog post on SuperVegan. Observant readers will have noticed that updates to the site have slowed considerably. At this point, officially hitting “eject” is the right thing to do, rather than pretending the tape is still playing.

Thanks to the wonderful people did work for the site over the years. While I own SuperVegan and named it, I was only one of several founders, and one of several dozen people who contributed.

Thanks to our readers, supporters, and fans. I know we helped a lot of people have a better vegan life, and that was always the point.

The web has changed a lot since SuperVegan launched February, 2006. And the vegan world has changed a lot in that time, too. SuperVegan never set out to make sense as a business (for better or worse), but instead prioritized providing information and resources for those committed to ethical veganism. We kept it up pretty well for a while.

I’m not closing SuperVegan because that work is done, but simply because my collaborators and I have got too many other things to do. Many of the problems we set out to solve in 2006 still exist. Many of the gaps we sought to fill remain unfilled. Hopefully by stepping aside, we’ll make it easier for other sites to be more active and do a better job providing information for vegans than we have been lately.

We’re keeping the vast majority of the old content up online, at least for a while. Because I’m a sentimental fool, sure, but also because keeping information available is the right thing to do. It’s always a bummer when content disappears from the web. We will, however, close comments on posts, and clearly label everything as archived/ossified.

It is entirely possible that future projects will occur under the aegis of SuperVegan. Some of them may resemble things we’ve done in the past. Some may be totally new territory. If you want to stay in the know, join the SuperVegan Projects mailing list.

We’ll keep our Twitter account going for now. People seem to like that, and it’s a small enough commitment.

Vegan Drinks NYC will continue under its own steam (though we’re taking the month of October off; the next event will be November 21).

Comments will be open on this post for a while, if you have anything to say about it.

Bye for now,

Vegan Drinks LXV, the Recap: Thank YOU for supporting Vegan Outreach!


Lisa and Vegan Outreach! (Photo courtesy of David Karopkin)

Thank YOU for hanging out and supporting Vegan Outreach at Vegan Drinks NYC on September 26th. Thanks Andy and the crew at Fontana’s Bar for hosting and to Killer Vegan for feeding us!

And, extra special thanks to those organizations and individuals who made Shout Outs:

The NEXT Vegan Drinks NYC is happening on Thursday, October 31st (HALLOWEEN)! Details to be announced soon!

Do you represent an animal rights group you think should be the beneficiary of an upcoming Vegan Drinks NYC? Visit to learn more about how to make that happen.

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